International Cooperation Training V4 2014 for Ukraine Visegrag Found International Cooperation Rescue Training V4 for Ukraine

From August 21st, 2014 to August 24th, 2014 there was an international training of Ukrainian voluntary rescuers held on the field of the Comprehensive central rescue service in Gabčíkovo under the “International Cooperation – Rescue Training V4 for Ukraine”, supported by the Visegrad Found. The training of the voluntary rescuers was ensured with participation of professionals from Hungary, the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Within four days the selected Ukrainian rescuers undertook theoretical preparation and practical trainings in rescue skills in the following fields:

  • Rescuing people from caving
  • Water rescue service
  • Risk of drowning
  • The construction of dams from bags filled with sand
  • Scuba diving rescue service
  • Pumping water by sewage pump, submersible pump and floating pump
  • Pumping of fire hazardous substances where there may be explosive and toxic gases and vapours
  • Pumping of greasy and oil substances
  • Decontamination of things and persons
  • Activity of rescue units during floods
  • Management of intervention during fires, accidents and emergency situations

During the theoretical part of preparation the participants familiarised themselves with the structure of rescue systems of the participating countries of V4, dangers and threats occurring during saving of lives, property and environment, modern rescue technology and specifications during rescue works.
A special part of the theoretical preparation focused on pumping of fire hazardous substances where there may be explosive and toxic gases and vapours and the area of decontamination of things and persons. The participants were further informed of new methods of rescuing people from caving and rubble as well as methods of management of intervention during fires, accidents and emergency situations with the aim to minimise life losses and accidents consequences.
All participants of the training – Ukrainian rescuers – verified the theoretical knowledge gained with the assistance of instructors by performing of practical rescue activities in simulated emergency situations. During the trainings modern rescue facilities and technologies were used.
The participants of the training were able to familiarise themselves with rescuing people from imitated falls with the use of modern visualisation technique with the direct transfer of signal and picture for the managing rescue crew. The practical trainings with pumping of water and its distance transport and pumping of greasy and oil liquids were performed in the area of Gabčíkovo Waterworks. The practical training also contained maintenance of pumps.
The rescuers practiced the decontamination works with the use of modern technological methods and sorption textiles.
Rescuing people from water surface of Danube under very difficult conditions (heavy rain and wind) provoked a great response and professional discussion between the rescuers present.

The international rescue training of voluntary rescuers from Ukraine “International Cooperation – Rescue Training V4 2014 for Ukraine“, supported by the Visegrad Found successfully met its objectives; sharing and gain of theoretical and practical experience from the rescue activities of the V4 countries. The success of the project was also expressed in the final assessment by the voluntary Ukrainian rescuers, who received a certificate of completion of the demanding rescue training.
A huge thank you belongs to the Visegrad Found for supporting the project, which greatly contributed to creating of conditions for cooperation and sharing of experience of the voluntary rescue units from the V4 countries with the voluntary rescue units in Ukraine. This cooperation and the exchange of practical as well as theoretical experience will contribute to increase qualification of rescue works, life saving, saving of property and the environment.

Author: prof. Balog

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